Leveraging Personality Diversity: We’ve Barely Scratched the Surface

Thursday 3:45pm – 4:45pm

Session Description

Diversity in natural strengths, motivational needs, and perceptual frames of reference are critical components for maximizing fit and contribution. Despite this awareness and the proliferation of personality models and assessments, many organizations barely scratch the surface in realizing the potential of personality diversity. It’s common for people to be hired for talent, and fired for not fitting in. Why? Failure to address the behavioral and motivational aspects of individual differences. Few organizations get beyond diversity awareness and tolerance to actually leveraging that diversity. Learn about the Process Communication Model (PCM), a behavioral communication framework, used by NASA and Pixar Studios, that reveals six distinct personality types, their unique character strengths, perceptual frames of reference, environmental and communication preferences, motivational needs, and predictable distress patterns. Gain insight into how personality can be leveraged for inclusion efforts.

Learning Objectives

  1. Distinguish between types OF people and types IN people.
  2. Identify the impact of personality diversity in the workplace.
  3. Gain insight into how personality can be leveraged for inclusion efforts.

Aaron Deckert

Aaron works with the engaging team of dedicated, creative, fun and passionate professionals at Next Element, to teach leaders around the world how to incorporate compassion in the workplace. He is a certified Process Communication Model trainer, co-developer of The Compassion Mindset and holds a Master Degree in Organization Development. He is passionate about helping people develop themselves for a better experience at work and at home.