Bronze – $5,000

  • Exhibit space to include a 10’ x 10’ booth with one 6’ table & 2 chairs
  • 2 quarterly KSSHRM hyperlinked newsletter ads and hyperlinked logo inclusion for conference communications
  • 30-second promotional video to be played during the event and linked in conference newsletter (created by Sponsor)
  • Electronic list of attendees 10 days prior to the conference and again following the conference
  • Two full attendee registrations
  • Three exhibitor passes
  • Speaking opportunity at Leadership and Employment Law Conferences

Select One Of The Following As Part Of Your Sponsorship

Conference Mobile App Sponsor 

  • Enhanced banner ad featured on conference mobile app
  • Bronze Sponsor benefits

Pre-Conference Workshop Sponsor 

  • Branding opportunities during workshop
  • Welcome workshop attendees and introduce speaker
  • Bronze Sponsor Benefits

First Timer Reception Sponsor 

  • Branding opportunities at First Timer Reception
  • Opportunity to provide footage in pre-conference video
  • Welcome first-time attendees and provide 5-minute introduction
  • Bronze Sponsor Benefits
  • Notepad Sponsor 

Notepad sponsor

  • Company logo printed on notepad (selected by conference committee)
  • Bronze Sponsor Benefits

Pen Sponsor 

  • Pen sponsor
  • Company logo printed on pen (selected by conference committee)
  • Bronze Sponsor Benefits