How Digital Innovations are Impacting Workplace Mental Health

Friday 9:15am – 10:15am

Session Description

A factor that’s all too often overlooked when it comes to business profitability and growth is employee well-being. Yet higher levels of mental and physical health have been shown to positively impact productivity, morale and ultimately, company performance. So how can workplace health be transformed to better support employees’ personal lives in a way that drives their professional engagement? With real-life case studies from the U.S. military to North American financial institutions, you’ll get actionable insights and learn how successful outcomes have created a positive ripple effect on entire organizations, globally.

Learning Objectives

  1. How HR professionals can harness technology to help their organization scale efforts to increase engagement and productivity through improved employee well being, regardless of staff size and location.
  2. Why customized content that holistically tackles all aspects of employees’ physical and mental health is helping to transform the workplace.
  3. How an innovative approach can augment current services being offered to employees and why it’s the ‘secret sauce’ for program adoption.

Danny Weill

Danny Weill is a digital business leader and change-maker for mental health in the workplace. As Vice President at LifeSpeak, a leading digital employee health platform dubbed the “Netflix of healthcare” by the Financial Post, Danny helps bring global innovation to workplace well being. Over the past decade, Danny has been an industry leader in digital education delivery across North America, specializing in the fields of continuing medical education, mental health, and well-being. He speaks at industry events across North America and is a featured guest lecturer at several business schools.