White Board Seminar: Numbers of COVID-19

Thursday 3:45pm – 4:45pm


Session Description

Join Dave Ross, Director of Underwriting Services at Hays Companies, as he explores the financial implications of COVID-19. He will dive into healthcare decisions and how businesses can apply strategies for better outcomes.

Learning Objectives

  1. Risk Mitigation – Is it possible that employers are making decisions about their health plan that predispose them to a higher likeliness for costly COVID outcomes? Given the severity of the impact on the business unit, what decisions are employer’s going to be faced with that might lead to unintended consequences? How does COVID impact stop loss pricing and are there opportunities for self-insured health plans to capitalize on it?
  2. “COVID Immaturity” – Provider’s aren’t billing carriers for COVID claims. Why? More importantly, what’s the impact to your health plan?
  3. Enterprise Impact – A brief introduction of what some forward-thinking employers began doing with their data years ago and how it’s helping them manage the impact of COVID now from an “enterprise” perspective.


David Ross

As an Executive Vice President out of Hays’ headquarters, in Minneapolis, David’s role is to provide guidance and leadership that fosters each office’s ability to satisfy their growth objectives. David is a key player in defining Hays’ macro initiatives and providing the vision, tools and education to support those objectives.

David’s secondary role is the Director of Underwriting Services where his primary responsibilities include the development and maintenance of financial tools and methodologies that improve clients’ ability to effectively manage their employer-sponsored health plans. David’s role keeps him actively involved in the management of key accounts, representing over 300,000 members.

Additionally, David acts as a National resource and the primary source of both internal and external education and support regarding efficient health plan structure. David spends much of his time traveling around the country educating consultants, employers, and legislative bodies on the many counter-intuitive and nuanced components of effective health care cost management.

Prior to joining Hays Companies in 2004, David worked as an Underwriting Strategist at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota where he designed pricing methodologies that satisfied Blue Cross Blue Shield’s strategic objectives. During his tenure, David acted as an internal liaison between actuarial, underwriting and sales and assisted with BCBS’s lobbying efforts to expand the HDHP marketplace.

David has periodically taught statistics at Minnesota State University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Finance.