Workplace Bullies are Too Expensive to Keep

Thursday 2:40pm – 3:40pm

Session Description

This session will help you deter, detect, & defend against this threat. Using 30 years of research and evidence-based data you will learn: Why bullying exists, how to detect it, how to deter it, & how to protect your staff. You will also learn about current legislation and proposed state legislation. Bullying can cost a company with 300 employees approx. $1,300,000 in unintended lost revenue annually. There are steps you can take in the absence of state or federal laws.

Learning Objectives

  1. What you should know about Workplace Bullying and the laws that govern this behavior. Discover why it hides in shame and secrecy on both an individual and a corporate level.
  2. Learn how to develop a policy – training program for C-suite and Mid Management. Learn to decipher the difference between a Bully and a tough Manager. Without surrendering managerial prerogative.
  3. Understanding the true definition of Workplace Bullying & the health-harming effects it has on the target and the organization. The impact can be Physical, Emotional, Psychological, and Financial.

Frank Mulcahy

Frank Mulcahy is the Director Bus. Dev. at the Workplace Bullying Institute. He has spoken to companies on 5 continents, 23 countries, & 550 different cities over the last 36 years. Frank’s immersion in bullying began at Clemson University in the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program to minimize bullying among school-age children. Frank attended the WBI Workplace Bullying University┬« to hone his mastery of all facets of adult bullying in the workplace. By studying Human Behavior & Technology advancements he has developed a complimentary Workplace Bullying service for his clients. Together we can “Deter, Detect & Defend” against Workplace Bullying.